Rodrigo Duterte Tops new SWS Survey post Rape Comment

Summary News Flash (Philippines) - Post Rape Comment on 1989 Hostage drama that happened in Davao City, according to SWS new Poll Survey for April 18-20 2016 with 1800 valid voters involved. Rodrigo "The Punisher" Duterte of Mindanao again tops them all.

Duterte gained 6 percent of the voter’s preference, from 27% from the previous survey to 33% (Current). The second placer is Senator Grace Poe with 24%, Followed by the Liberal Party Standard Bearer Mar Roxas with 19%, while Vice President Jejomar Binay becoming the 4th placer at 14%

Duterte who is castigated on his comment regarding the Australian National rape/murder victim that happened 27 years ago claimed that he did not made joke out of the incident but instead narrated what seems the exact and actual happened on the Hostage crisis. He said he did use a gutter word pertaining as a slang or street word that he used to, to describe his anger to those 16 convicts on the prison. Duterte further claimed that out of his anger, on what he saw that a child and some other victims has been killed which made his blood boiled and eventually killing the 16 criminals.

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