Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy privacy policy discloses its practices. This applies solely to its subscribers information collected such as Name, Username, Email Address, Cell Phone/Mobile Number, Website, User Type (e.g. Private or Company), Country, Region, City, Zip Code, and Address upon signing up on the website for the purpose of identification.

The subscribers identity information that is collected upon signing and completion of the registration from the web site is for identification purposes only to determine that the subscriber intent is not a fraud and for the contacting purposes for its prospect clients, audience and partners. Free Classified Ads and a Buy and Sell Website does not share any privacy information of its subscriber to anyone nor it will tolerate any request as such.

 The Privacy Policy may change from time to time due to any future updates.



 Security procedures in place to protect the subscriber’s information, for any possible of misuse, fraud, discriminatory and etc. that may affect anyone or may offensive to the privacy.

 The Subscribers has the Access and Control Over Information that they may able to change, update and or delete as per their preference.

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